Smart farms for restaurants

From potatoes to carrots, from lettuce to herbs, we can do it all.
Grow your menu!

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Get full control of your food supply

Our smart farm makes it easy to grow right in your own space.

Fast grow times and high yield

Grown-in-time technology lets you plant continuously with no waiting between harvests.

Grows lettuce, potatoes, and everything in between

The only indoor smart appliance that grows all types of produce from leafy greens to root vegetables.

Auto-germinates your seedlings

Ditch the damp paper towels. Our reusable seed pods auto-germinate so you can set it and forget it until harvest.

As organic as it gets

Get the freshest, cleanest, and healthiest produce around.

Save on grocery bills

With low power consumption and food grown by seeds, you can save big on your annual grocery bill.

Chemical free produce

Growing in the home means no pesticides, herbicides or preservative are needed. Fully organic to feed your family or customers worry-free.

Zero food miles

Farm-to-fork in less than 10' reduces your carbon footprint in the agricultural supply chain.

More nutrients

No nutrient degradation compared to store produce which gets picked and shipped before it's ripe.

The nutrition gap

Indoor smart gardens can't compare to yield and variety of plant offerings.

Our food system is broken

Join to food revolution and help us advance sustainable food production.

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