Grow your groceries.

Introducing the world's first smart farming appliance 👋

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🌱 Fresh, secure, and sustainable produce all-year-long.

Grab your pitchfork. The future of farming is here.

Be in full control of your food supply

Meet your household's diet needs with smart automated growing.

Grows potatoes, onions, and carrots

The only indoor smart appliance that grows root vegetables as well as allium and cruciferous vegetables

Harvests daily on-demand

Proprietary lighting means no plants are blocked from light and allows you to set a grow schedule so you always have fresh food.

Auto-germinates your seedlings

Ditch the damp paper towels. Our seed pods auto-germinate so you can set it and forget it until harvest.

A new standard of farm-to-fork

Reconnect with food at its source and produce crops with ease at home.

No more grocery shopping

Growing your food at home is good for you, your wallet, and the planet.

63% savings on groceries

With 150W power consumption and food grown by seeds, families can save big on their annual grocery bill

Chemical free

Growing in the home means no pesticides, herbicides or preservative are needed. Fully organic to feed your family worry-free

100% less food miles

Farm-to-fork in less than 10' reduces your carbon footprint in the agricultural supply chain

50% more nutrients

Zero nutrient degradation compared to store produce

The nutrition gap

Indoor smart gardens can't compare to yield and variety of plant offerings.

Modern agriculture is unsustainable

Help us advance sustainable food production at home and in our communities.

Pesticides, herbicides, and chemical runoff. Yuck.

Through mass production, biodiversity is removed from vast irrigated lands and covered with pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer chemicals that runoff into our water and air systems.

Preservatives and packaging galore.

Industrialized processes are high in energy consumption, preservatives are added in the manufacturing process, and lots of packaging is created to prepare for shipping, storage, and store display.

Did someone say carbon?

Each item travels thousands of miles on average before being able to be purchased, causing significant carbon emissions - not to mention supply chain disruptions due to climate change.

Bye bye nutrients. Hello waste...

By the time food hits the shelves nutrients are depleted. Produce is expensive and over 40% of all produce grown is thrown in the garbage.

Our story

Seeing food production challenges first hand, we became driven to solve prominent social problems for the betterment of the planet and people

Food insecurity

Living on an island, food availability is a present concern

Climate change

Cataclysmic events have exposed the fragility of the systems and supply chains that feed us

Rising food costs

Fresh, natural food is becoming less accessible and more costly

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The future of farming is here