The future of farming

We build smart farming appliances that advance sustainable food production at the point-of-consumption.

Aera's Victory Farms

Victory gardens were an essential part of food security during World War I and World War II. These gardens were implemented to fight against food shortages and to encourage self-sufficiency by growing fruits and vegetables in backyards, empty lots, and public lands.

We've named our smart farm with the spirit of victory gardens in mind, and believe communities will have autonomy over their food supply and be reconnected with food at its source with locally embedded and connected agricultural technologies.


Our team

Meet the team inventing the food systems of the future.

Shawn Fisher

Co-Founder, CEO

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Amy Fisher

Co-Founder, CMO

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Tobbe Lundberg

Tech Lead


Miguel Pond

Automation Engineer


Jared Kennedy

UX design

Adam Press

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer


Kyle Hynes

Smart Farm Technician

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Our story

Seeing food production challenges first hand, we became driven to solve prominent social problems for the betterment of the planet and people.

Food insecurity

Living on an island, supply chain issues and food availability is a constant concern.

Climate change

Cataclysmic events have exposed the fragility of the systems and supply chains that feed us.

Rising costs

Fresh, natural food is becoming less accessible and more costly.

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