Grow your menu

Our appliances give chefs and owners the power to grow produce at scale, with full control of quality and cost.


Savings you can't pass up

Unlike traditional commercial equipment, the Victory practically pays for itself.

>$10kAnnual savings
85%Reduction in costs
<1.2Year payback period

The Victory

Growing your own produce so that your patrons get the freshest possible food

Save on produce costs

Say goodbye to fluctuating costs that eat margins and bottom-lines.

Grow what you need on-site

Easily grow the produce you use most in a commercial fridge-sized unit.

Farm-to-fork in 10'

As local as it gets with sustainable and organic ingredients to serve fresh in your dishes.

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Coming Q4 2024

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A smart farm that fits 100 sq ft of land into a 6 sq ft appliance

  • Up to 212 crop spots
  • Grows all variety of produce
  • Brushed aluminum casing with LCD controls
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Smart controls and insights and monthly seeds and nutrients

  • Aera's Crop Management App to monitor and control growth
  • Real seeds (our pods are reusable!)
  • Custom nutrients based on your harvest
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