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Industrial scale production, right inside your kitchen

Easily reconnect with food at its source, and serve the freshest possible produce to your patrons

Super yield, super savings

Industrial-scale output and a big cost reduction in your produce supply.
At $92 per case of 24 heads of lettuce:

$16kAnnual savings
80%Reduction in costs
1.2yrPayback period

The Victory Two

Total control of your restaurant's food supply

Full quality & control

The healthiest produce without any of the environmental impacts, grown at a schedule that meets your needs

Huge Savings

Growing so much in so little space means big reduction on produce costs

High yield

The Victory Two can grow up to 14 heads of lettuce a day, or be optimized to focus on roots, fruiting, or other types.

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Coming Q4 2024

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Victory Two

A smart farm that fits 200 sq ft of land into a 12.5 sq ft appliance

  • Up to 424 crop spots
  • Grows all variety of produce
  • Stainless steel casing with LCD controls
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Smart controls and insights with monthly seeds and nutrients

  • Aera web app to monitor and control growth
  • Real seeds (our pods are reusable!)
  • Custom nutrients based on your harvest
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